Steel Panel Radiators Caloree (Turkey)

Wide Product Range With fully automatic production lines, Caloree offers Steel Panel Radiators with 6 different height choices ( 300, 400, 500, 600, 750, 900 mm ), 22 different length choices from 400 mm up to 3000 mm ( increasing with 100 mm intervals up to 2000 mm and 200 mm intervals after 2000 mm ) and 6 different models ( Type 10, Type 11, Type 20, Type 21, Type 22, Type 33 ). This product variety helps Caloree to meet distinctive demands of different regional markets. Continue reading Steel Panel Radiators Caloree (Turkey)

Stropuva (Lithuania)

Stropuva  has been manufacturing solid fuel boilers “STROPUVA” since 2002.  Exceptional characteristics of the manufactured products, which prolong the burning time of the solid fuel boiler, are the distribution of air from the top and the solid fraction burning in the candle principle.  The employees of the company are qualified constructors, welders, locksmiths and other specialists with great experience, who continue successfully manufacturing, selling (not only in the local market) and improving the boiler to suit the most selective customers. More details on: Continue reading Stropuva (Lithuania)

Galmet (Poland)

Galmet company is present for 30 years on the Polish market. The object of activity is the production and marketing of the following products:
  • Electric water heaters.
  • Central heating boilers.
  • Bivalent heat.
  • Changing.
  • Heat storage tanks.
  • Green-boiler.
  • Solar panels.
  • Sets or vacuum flat solar collectors.
  • Heat pump.

Agroresurs (Ukraine)

Agroresurs company activity is the production of heating in a building under its own trademark „Danko”, „Rivneterm” and „Ok”. The product range  includes over 300 designs of heating appliances with power from 2-140 kW, designed for autonomous and individual heating: gas, solid fuel, the chimney and sealed combustion chamber, which is fixed to the floor or wall, as changing from steel, cast iron or copper.

Tehnoworld (Romania)

Tehnoworld is a Romanian company with capital that has as main activity the production of high density polyethylene pipe, corrugated pipe fittings polyethylene and marketing of natural gas networks, water supply, sewerage, drainage and so on, confection of mass plastic, polyethylene welding equipment marketing and other plant materials, services – service welding machines.
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Thermostahl (Greece)

Thermostahl S.A. is a Greek company having its registered offices in Thessaloniki, which constructs steel boilers for central heating since 1962. Our activity aims at helping the customer to minimize their heating expenses by means of introduction of new methods and technologies in energy conservation. So that everybody can afford the opportunity to take an active part in ecology preservation of his own land.

Valrom (Romania)

Valrom dealing with the production and marketing of product ranges for supply networks of hot and cold water, gas and sewage filtration systems, storage and pumping, fat and hydrocarbons separators, plumbing and heating systems, offering quality, safety and efficiency.